Quarter Auction

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You can buy tickets from any of our vendors or tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are $5 each and will include 2 paddles (for bidding) and 1 door prize ticket.
How It Works: Vendors will present an item; you can place your bid (1 or 2 quarters depending on value amount) and hold up your paddle. If your number is chosen you win that item.
All proceeds will go towards the BHS Band program. Come out and show your support

VENDOR INFORMATION:  Vendor spots are first to pay gets a spot. As you pay you will be listed on the event page. We take 1 of each Direct sale except LulaRoe. We take a limit of 2. Each vendor will be required to have 3 items to auction (value $20 or more).  Vendors will keep the proceeds from the bids.  Send $35 to BHS Band Boosters and on the front of the mailing envelope, address the attention to Bassett Band Quarter Auction at 85 Riverside Drive, Bassett, VA 24055.  In the memo of your check, list the direct sale item or company name (ex. Scentsy).   You will be able to recover this cost because we will send you 7 admission tickets to sell for $5 each or you can use 7 of your business cards…your choice.   Vendor Fee will be NON REFUNDABLE.

On October 7, 2017,  Doors will open at 1Pm for people to browse and shop until 2PM .   Vendors are encouraged to bring items for sale. The quarter auction will begin at 2PM.  CONCESSIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE.