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2010 Best Selling Video Games

I am a mother of a six year old boy, so I have an idea of what boys that age might like. Mainly, because I asked him! And, of course, I live with him. I tend to notice the begging that he does when certain commercials come on! Here are the top ten gift ideas we came up with together.

I know, they’ve been around forever, but boys still love them! An added bonus is that they’re cheap! If the little boy’s father likes a certain brand of car, the boy seems to like it too. My husband personally likes Dodge. Therefore, my son does too. He does love other brands too, but he has a special interest in Dodge.

The Pokemon series is also another massive game on the DS and DSi line and no collection would be complete without it. Kids will love trying to collect and train all the monsters available leaving then hours of playing to do.

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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island: The SNES still had some life in it when Nintendo released this game to honor the tenth anniversary of the release of the original Super Mario Brothers. Here, Mario was an infant, and had to be protected by a group of Yoshis as they fought to save his brother and reunite them with their parents. Along the way, there were dozens of challenges, cool transformations, fun mini games, and excellent boss battles, making this game a superb title in spite of its cartoon-style appearance. A true 16-bit classic, and its absence from the VC is rather conspicuous and nearly inexcusable.

When popularity began to wane, Saban Entertainment decided to save their show by creating a franchise, which was to include toys. The new Power Rangers action figures were born in 1996 and additional story lines were created for the show to increase the audience. Their plan worked and the Power Rangers became the best selling action figures of the 90s.

Strangely enough, after literally weeks of phone conversations, interviews, and information exchanges, I declined to appear on their show. I would like to have as much national television exposure as I can get but not at the cost of my dignity and professionalism. In any case, I had someone from “Americas pokemon go Talent” calling and trying to convince me to come on their show as well – and thereby hangs a tale.

I’ve been writing since age 14. My first serious novel was science fiction with a hot romance-my mother was rather shocked when she found a few pages! I’ve always been a voracious reader so I’ve enjoyed trying different genres in my own writing.

After wandering through the upper part of Eterna City, a character wandered up to me and offered me the special program to teach one of my pokemon the CUT move. The CUT move is used to chop down trees that are obstructing your path in the game. For example, the only way to enter the Old Chateau is to use the CUT move on some trees that are blocking the entrance.

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Cosmetic brands were given special kiosks that would allow women to virtually try on makeup. The mirror observes skin tone, facial features, and makeup. It would then make a product recommendation based on those elements.