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Welcome to the Bassett Band Booster website.  Our job is to support the Bassett High School Bands in every way so that band members enjoy the experience of a musical program that will serve as their foundation for their love for music through learning and performance.  Not only do our band members learn about music but they also learn about quality, ethics, rules, authority, wisdom, and achievement that will be valuable life lessons that they can take with them after graduation.  According to the National Association for Music Education website, there are 20 important benefits of music in our schools.     1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning.     2. A mastery of memorization.    3. Students learns to improve their work.   4. Increased coordination.  5.  A sense of achievement.     6. Kids stay engaged in school.     7. Success in society.     8. Emotional development.     9. Students learn pattern recognition.     10. Better SAT scores.     11. .  Fine-tuned auditory skills.     12. .  Music builds imagination & intellectual curiosity     13.  Music can be relaxing.     14. Musical instruments can teach discipline.     15. Preparation for the creative economy.     16. Development in creative thinking.     17. Music can develop spatial intelligence.     18. Kids can learn teamwork.     19. Responsible risk-taking.     20. Better self-confidence.
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The Bassett High School Band Boosters are made up of parents, guardians, and volunteers that provide support to the bands in many ways.  If you are interested in volunteering, we have several opportunities for parents to help.  Remember, if you are a parent of a band member then you are automatically a booster member.   Come on out and show your support by volunteering.  Contact one of the board members below or send us an email at
Parent Booster Meetings are held to discuss detail information about what is currently going on with the band along with upcoming events.
Upcoming Meeting Dates
Time:  7PM  |  Location:  BHS band room

(schedule may change due to uncontrollable circumstances – check back often)